An online store is a site where you can make a purchase of any product at a clear, understandable price and with clear conditions for its delivery, warranty and possible return.

That is, everything that the buyer can do in a regular store, with legal guarantees under the law on consumer rights.

An online store website is a reflection of your business, it should:

  1. Show the full catalog of products in stock.
  2. Goods must have the correct name, description, photo, all its characteristics are indicated.
  3. The price of the product must be current.
  4. The availability of goods is indicated on the website.
  5. Warranty and conditions of purchase.
  6. Payment options, online payment functions.
  7. Shipping costs, courier and postal options.
  8. Conditions for returning goods.
  9. Search by goods.
  10. Blog with useful articles and reviews.
  11. Reviews about goods and store.

SEO for Online Stores

Factors affecting SEO as a sales channel.

The more products on the site – the better for SEO.

The wider the choice of the buyer and the opportunity to solve his problem – to find exactly the product that he needs.

  • High-quality photos and videos from different angles, plus real user photos taken by buyers.
  • Description of the product, table of characteristics, the ability to compare products by characteristics.
  • Correct price.
  • Product availability.
  • the cost of its delivery.

The better the information is given, the more chances there are for TOP positions by the Product Name and more sales.

For SEO, it is important to submit a variety of referral information to your online store’s Blog.

Write review articles that help customers make a selection from several products, just as if your salesperson were consulting in a showroom.

For SEO promotion of an online store, it is important to have clearly sharpened landing pages, many of them are created as pages of filter combinations.
For example:

  • Asus laptops
  • Asus laptops 15″
  • Asus laptops 15″ 16 GB

Each of these pages should have its own unique SEO optimization and text.

  1. Elimination of technical errors identified by SEO audit.
  2. Content of the Main page and all Categories of the catalog.
  3. Link building for Homepage + Catalog pages.
  4. Implementation of SEO filters. Content for Filters pages.
  5. Link building for Filters pages.
  6. Reviews in the Blog.
  7. Implementation of reviews.

Contextual advertising for online stores

Factors affecting the success of Contextual advertising to increase sales.

Be sure to use this advertising opportunity – after all, Google specifically created the Google Merchant Center service so that you can advertise your products. For this you will need:

  1. Creating an export file (Feed).
  2. Linking a Google Ads advertising account to the Google Merchant Center.
  3. On the site you need to set up:
    • Online payment
    • Delivery
    • Pages with return policy and store policy
    • The site must work on a secure HTTPS protocol

Ideally, if the site is promoted by SEO and advertised in Google advertising.

But if not, it is enough to carry out at least basic SEO optimization:

  • H1

This will improve the relevancy between the ad semantics and the landing page, which will improve the quality of the ad and make every click more profitable.

It will also enable DSA advertising – which works after preliminary SEO optimization.

If you want to advertise hundreds or thousands of products at the same time, then correctly calculate the advertising budget.

For advertising by Product Groups (catalog headings), you must reserve at least 500 UAH per day for each heading.

The more Headings or Products in an advertisement, the larger the budget.

Contextual advertising works very effectively with well-tuned web analytics.

When the system is aware of each step of the visitor who came through the advertisement, about his order or made a call or sending a feedback form.

Analytics are the eyes of the advertising platform. So the platform will be able to distinguish the right audience of buyers from just interested visitors. And will be able to spend the budget as efficiently as possible.

I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted, but I don’t know how much.
(John Wanamaker)

To work in a full-fledged information environment in which you can see how budgets are spent and what they bring, a number of settings and additional integrations are required.

  1. Call tracking – Analytics and records phone calls.
  2. End-to-end analytics – collects all advertising channels into one stream.
  3. CRM – management of business processes for processing orders.

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