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Google Alerts is a rather underrated service. In Google, this product is in the general section and is far from the first place. Meanwhile, some of its features can make it easier to work on developing your business.


What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts (Google Alerts) are automatic e-mail alerts from Google. The tool helps the user, using certain filters, to set up regular e-mail mailings exclusively for the information of interest to him. The storehouse of all information is Google itself. To get a relevant result for a query, you need to configure the filters as specifically as possible.


  • For free

  • Simple – set up Google Alerts in just 5 minutes

  • Convenient – you can choose the frequency and format of notifications

  • Comprehensive search result

Required: All you need to start using the tool is a Google account. To do this, simply register gmail .

How to use Google Alerts?


The first thing you see is the search bar. To set up alerts, let’s review a few operations that are used in Google itself.

  • Quotation marks “” and sign +

In Google Alerts, as well as in the search, in order to find an exact match, and not news for each individual word in a phrase, you need to quote the phrase or put + (without a space) between words.

For example: “SEO-Studio Kazakhstan” or “SEO-Studio+Kazakhstan”

  • Minus words and sign –

If you need to be aware of certain news, but without mentioning any specific criterion, you can use negative keywords.

For example : “SEO-Studio – Kazakhstan”

  • Boolean OR (or)

Let’s say you need to set up an alert for several similar events or news. This can be done in a single alert using the OR operator (required with a capital letter).

For example: “SEO-Studio OR Kiev”

  • Any word and sign *

The asterisk is used in place of any word when you need to get all the information of the same type all the time.

For example: “SEO-Studio case *

Google Alert Options

When you correctly entered the query into the search box, you have to spend a few more minutes on the parameters themselves for issuing the result. When you click on “More options”, you will see a series of drop-downs like this:


Send frequency


Determine how often you will receive Google alerts in the mail. “As results appear” – as soon as new information appears, you will immediately receive an email. If you select one of the two remaining options, then after creating an RSS alert, you can click on the gear and set the exact delivery time for alerts:


For example, you can move it to 09.00 to get all the news for the past day and night and quickly respond to them in the morning.


If it is more convenient for you to receive all Google alerts in one letter, check the box next to “Summary”.



Languages and Country

In this case, “Auto Select” is all sources. The rest of the categories are intuitive.


Here you need to select the language and country. It would seem an obvious filter, but the choice of language and location can completely change the result.



“All results” – everything that Google is rich in for your query. “Only the best results” is information exclusively from quality and reputable resources.


This field contains your mailing address by default. After creating an alert, you can go to settings and change the address.

How and what alerts can be configured?

We have selected 5 main areas in which Google Alerts will become your informational assistant. So, you can set up tracking:

  • News about your company on the Internet (backlink monitoring)

If you want to know if a link to your site was mentioned on any resource, use this query:* – site:

(link to your site)

If you want to be aware of mentions of the company name, create a request similar to the first one:

SEO-Studio – site:

(include a title and a link to your site)

  • Mentions about your company on social media

Here the task is a little more complicated by the OR operator (we talked about it earlier): { OR OR OR}

(add the social network you need in brackets)

  • Plagiarism

Select a phrase from your content and put it in a string (required in quotes). You will receive a list of pages where there is a 100% match with this phrase.


So you check the presence of plagiarism on the network once. And if you set up alerts, then if someone ever plagiarizes your text, you will immediately know about it.

  • Indexing new pages

How to find out if new pages of your site have been indexed by Google? Create an alert and you’ll get real-time results.

  • News from competitors

Monitor competitors – create the same alerts as you created for your own company, but specify in them the site or company name of competitors. You will always be aware of whether your competitor participates in any marketing campaigns, conferences, whether they write about him in the media.

Pavel Strokal , Head of SEO-department for work with VIP clients:

“We mainly use Google Alerts to track the reputation of our clients. We receive daily alerts about news, reviews, comments, etc. Of course, we also use the manual method of finding new content, but if you have more than a hundred customers, you need an automated approach so that there is not even a chance to miss important information.”


Unusual ways to use Google Alerts for personal purposes

We have analyzed how and in what cases you can use Google Alerts for business.

And here are a few more ways to use this tool for personal purposes that you didn’t even know about:

  • Work searches

Enter a query for your profession in the search box and you will receive notifications from all job search aggregations in any language and in any country you like. So, by the way, you can look for new resumes of potential candidates for the company’s staff.

  • Finding a cheap flight

Are you planning a trip? You can set up daily alerts for the best deals and stay up to date on all low-cost flights from all existing operators.

  • Hobbies and personal acquisitions

Collecting collectibles? Looking forward to the release of the new iPhone? – Set up alerts and receive all the interesting news about the subject you are interested in by mail.

Know of other ways to use Google Alerts in business or in your personal life? Write and we will include them in the selection.

A lot of information? Relax – enter the phrase Atari breakout into the Google search box and click search in pictures. The mind deserves a rest 🙂