The more subscribers, the more successful the profile. This is where the misconception comes from, according to which, for promotion, you should “wind up” subscribers, after which “things will go”. But is it really so?

Why Instagram is fighting cheating

The situation with massive cheating of profiles is not beneficial, first of all, to the owners of one of the most promising social networks. If the competition between Instagram accounts comes down to who has the most cheated followers, very soon the entire TOP will be occupied by completely useless profiles that are of no interest to anyone, and Instagram will turn into a garbage dump. With the inevitability of gravity, this will lead to the fact that Instagram will become of no interest to users, and as a result, to investors, and the whole project will fall apart. And it will happen very quickly.

That is why the owners of the social network are serious about the fight against any kind of cheating. This is a multi-million dollar promising business, the success of which to a large extent depends on the quality of content and fair competition.

To minimize the risks, Instagram attracts the best specialists in their field. He is getting smarter every day. Today, cheating modern algorithms is extremely difficult, if not impossible. Profiles that aggressively gain followers are simply banned. Often – forever, without the possibility of recovery. If the promotion is not too active, the social network “holds” the suspicious profile and does not allow it to “spread its wings”.


Why Instagram Followers Boost Doesn't Work

One of the main algorithms that monitors the promotion works based on audience engagement statistics. On average, 5-7% of the audience should be active – make reposts, leave comments, connect to live broadcasts, etc. If this indicator is observed, the account is considered natural and sanctions are not imposed on it. But what happens if the account starts gaining followers?

Wrapped subscribers are a “dead weight” that does not participate in the life of the community in any way and cannot be involved anywhere by definition. Therefore, the more such “bots” subscribe to a certain profile, the lower its engagement rate will be. For example, the involvement of a “dead” audience can be 0.1-0.3% maximum. Comments and likes are not added, the audience subscribed to the account does not manifest itself in any way. Such profiles are either, as already mentioned, banned, or sanctions are imposed on them, after which there can be no talk of any promotion at all.


Users easily define "wound" profiles

Most Instagram users are able to easily determine whether a particular profile has been artificially cheated. Even if you wind up likes and comments, it is still always obvious to the majority whether a certain profile deserves attention. If a boring, low-quality Instagram channel has a large number of subscribers, this immediately arouses suspicion and trust in such a channel instantly drops with all the ensuing consequences. Artificial comments and a large number of “likes” where they should not lead to a similar effect.

A limited number of promotions can work in some cases when the profile is filled with high-quality and interesting content that really deserves attention.

How to get followers on Instagram

You can talk a lot about how to attract subscribers on social networks. One of the simplest and most effective pieces of advice you can give is to do your research. You need to find popular profiles with similar topics, then analyze the content in these profiles in order to find out: what gets the most comments and likes? After such a study, it will become clear what exactly and how to do it.