The main negative to the agency is often based on the fact that we do not give the final sale. But the final sale is closed not by us, but by the client. Thinking over and launching an advertising campaign on the client’s website, we can be responsible for the quality of advertisements, traffic volume and the number of applications. For the fact that the apartment (for example) will be sold, the sales department is still responsible.

Therefore, building cooperation with OrangePark residential complex, we immediately clearly defined the goal of the campaign. A lead was considered an application to view a property (a completed feedback form) and calls from potential buyers.

Real Estate PPC Features

So, before moving on to the case itself, let’s highlight the main features of the topic:

  • Real estate is a very competitive market;
  • A potential buyer takes a long time to make a purchase decision;
  • The buyer searches online, but buys offline;
  • The topic is actively searched from mobile;
  • The influence of the brand is of great importance – a large amount of branded traffic for specific residential complex names. The problem is that many residential complex disable contextual advertising for branded traffic, thinking that they are the first in SEO and that it is not worth spending a budget on these campaigns.

CPC in search varies from $0.44 to $0.74.

CPC in the Display Network from $0.07 to $0.11.

And now, in fact, the case itself.



The client set the following tasks for the SEO-Studio team:

  • Increase the amount of traffic to the site;
  • Increase the volume of conversions (more leads and calls).

We started by analyzing the ad account and what we saw:

  • Mobile traffic was disabled altogether;
  • Remarketing was not used effectively enough – the same advertising banner in the display network for users at different stages of the funnel;
  • Only 2 advertising campaigns – branded traffic and campaigns with general requests (buy an apartment in Kyiv, buy housing in Kyiv, etc.).

As a result, we decided to focus on:

  • Traffic from mobile;
  • Traffic from the display network;
  • New scenarios in remarketing (more on that below);

Detailing the structure of campaigns in the search.

3Stas Gorlenko , Head of PPC SEO-Studio

“Google specialists, at our last joint workshop in the SEO-Studio office, focused on the fact that the smartphone is becoming the main gadget of Ukrainian users today. In no case should you neglect mobile traffic – you are driving yourself into a corner. In addition, you need to clearly understand the niche – real estate, for example, is a complex niche. Why? Because no one buys a home right away – the buyer looks for options, compares prices, the advantages of different residential complexes, visits many sites, agency sites and, in the end, makes a purchase. Mobile traffic is important precisely because by reading information about residential complexes from a mobile, the buyer is preparing to buy. He is choosing”.

Ad optimization

First of all, we began to work actively with advertisements. Separately added ads for mobile devices and desktops. Also, together with the client, we changed the creatives and conducted split tests.

What specifically about the ads: the ads were initially quite “gray”, they did not use the unique offers of the client. Only the slogan “First installment” was used in the ads, indicating the amount of the installment – UAH 100,000. Experience has shown that ads will definitely win if you indicate not the price of the first installment, but the price per square meter, or the price of the entire apartment. Potential buyers will click on ads with a low price.

Usage of the USP of the product

  • Added price per square meter (rather low);
  • Added installment period;
  • And the down payment percentage is 30%.

Campaign Structure

Search campaigns are divided into:

  • Inquiries about competitors;
  • Requests for close geographic points;
  • General requests (buy an apartment Kyiv);
  • brand queries;
  • Thematic requests from other regions.


What did these actions eventually lead to – the cost per click decreased by 24%, the increase in conversions – by 54% (due to the CCM in the first place).

So, the growth of mobile traffic is 3 times – from 10,572 to 31,923 clicks.


Display traffic grew thanks to remarketing strategies. Before working with us, the client did not separate traffic from remarketing in any way – one common banner was used for everyone (different banners were tested, but the audience was the same).

To summarize the new strategy:


We divided the target audience into 2 parts: conditionally cold TA (those who came to the site and left) and warm TA (who were interested). We identified for ourselves the behavioral factors that further led to the conversion. The simplest thing you can highlight is the time spent on the site and the number of pages viewed.

Banner preparation

For two audiences, we used 2 types of banners. For cold target audience, a banner with a low price was used.


For a warm target audience, which has already spent a lot of time on the site and carefully read the layouts of the apartments, we offered additional benefits – for example, interest-free installments for 30 months, a private courtyard, etc.


KMS indicators have improved!

As a result – +4% of requests from the display network and +29% of requests from the mobile display network. The price of an application from the display network has become cheaper for us than from search campaigns. And in principle, there were more applications from the CCM.


Growth in the number of leads

We look at the overall growth of applications and calls on the OrangePark residential complex website.


There was a slight dip in June, but overall the picture is good. We continue to work with the client on the next stages of finished apartments.

Additional recommendations from SEO-Studio:

  • Use SMM. Many competitors underestimate this tool, most residential complex publics are very badly managed.
  • Don’t be afraid to use ads on the Google Display Network. A properly configured campaign in this topic gives very good results due to a lower price. The CPA remains quite low, even if the conversion rate is lower than in search.
  • Use automatic bidding strategies. Many PPC professionals are still afraid to use them, but AdWords is progressing year by year. Do not forget the main thing – there should be a lot of traffic and conversions for the ads to work well in the Display Network. The bigger, the better. And do not wait for the result the next day, be patient (spend 2 weeks training at least).