Service: SEO promotion

Subject: online games.

Start of work: July 2018

Region: USA.

Positions at the start: 0 TOP

Search engine: Google, Yahoo! other.

about the project

Online games site, target audience children, teenagers, parents. The site has a large selection of online games, mainly games with cartoon characters, and simulators of old games from consoles such as Dendy and Sega. The site is divided into sections by topic and news.

Beginning of work:

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Site audit
  3. Collection of semantics
  4. Choosing a strategy

Before choosing a strategy and starting work on promotion, an audit of the site was made and, in parallel, an analysis of competitors and the collection and clustering of semantics were carried out.

An analysis of competitors gave a picture: how and where to increase the link mass, all donor domains were uploaded and a cross-analysis was carried out according to the coincidence of donors from competitors. For example: you have 10 competitors from different sources. You collect from all competitors their reference donors. Using Excel, select the maximum number of matches from competitors and sort into columns by matches. Of course, the top hits will be , , etc. There are also many resources that our SEO specialists call “You to me – I to you”. These are link exchangers: you place the link of the resource on your site, and the resource is yours. After filtering the garbage, many thematic blogs and sites were found. Also, thanks to the analysis of competitors, it became clear how the link profile should look like.

And then the work began to boil! The audit has already matured and work has begun on fixing internal errors and creating additional sections to capture low-frequency requests. The analysis showed that old pot-bellied sites have been sitting on high-frequency queries for a long time, and the fight against them at this stage will resemble the fight against windmills as in Miguel de Cervantes’ novel “Don Quixote”. We decided to go through medium and low frequency requests and requests close to our subject. For example, such requests as “online games”, which were directly related to the activities of our site, have been seriously occupied by the giants of this industry for a long time. But! We knew that in addition to direct requests, there are also suggestive ones. We developed requests by taking the name of game characters (mostly cartoon characters) and adding prefixes to them with our main requests. Of course, in the end, we competed with the giants of the animation industry.


After collecting all the necessary data, a brainstorming session was held, and a promotion strategy was developed, namely:

  1. Internal site optimization.
  2. Adding the necessary sections and filters, guided by the results of collecting semantics.
  3. Checking indexing pages.
  4. Blog development.
  5. On-Page are brighter and more catchy, as the main site visitors are children and teenagers.
  6. Link Building Outreach.
  7. Constant verification of the implementation of changes.

Outreach, link building

The most interesting thing that happened while working on this project was link building and outreach. Using the analysis of competitors, namely, a cross-comparison of donors of competitors, a template for a letter to VM was compiled, technical specifications for the texts were preliminarily prepared, and an anchor list was compiled. Based on the cut by positions, and guided by the semantics, we collected the anchor list in the ratio: Anchor 40/60 Besancor. Many resources provided the services of their copywriters, which allowed us to save our texts for free resources. Also, a page was created on Google.Plus and Google.Sites. In parallel, work began with writing an article in Wikipedia. After a long work and moderation of the article, we posted it in the main Wiki section.

In the future, the links began to grow steadily.

We checked the donor domains, first of all by Organic Search: the link donor traffic should be at least 20K. Mandatory criterion: relevance to the topic and non-spam. However, there are resources that are not quite suitable for us in terms of subject matter, but have very good performance. In this case, I had to slightly adjust the main message for readers. For example, a donor site has an educational theme. We are writing an article about the influence and impact of computer games on the educational process of a child, referring to other sources, including our website, imitating the natural origin of the article.

Before the launch of Crowd, donor companies were carefully selected. Also, a tender was held among the performers. As a result: we work with three contractors. You ask: why not work with one? We will answer: again, to imitate the naturalness of the process, each performer has his own individual “handwriting”. And, for example, if you need to sign for 100 people, then no matter how hard you try, it is quite easy to determine that 100 signatures were written by one person. So here too.

At the moment, work on the project continues. The project is very interesting, so we will report on intermediate results.