Good afternoon. Today we will present the case of the SMM department of SEO-Studio on promoting the center for preparing children for admission to English schools and universities in Azerbaijan Carfax Education Baku .
Carfax Education is an international group of companies specialized in all aspects of education in the UK, Switzerland and the USA. The main office of the company is located in London, there are also branches in Oxford, Monaco, Tokyo, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Baku.


We will talk about the content component and show the results that we managed to achieve in just 1 month of work.

For starters – for 4 years of the community’s work there was only 1 potential client who never became real. For a month of work, we attracted 4 clients at once (it should be noted that training in the center is expensive and differs from the cost of ordinary educational centers).


What are we working with?

Website: educational center for preparing children for admission abroad
Service: SMM
Promotion region: Azerbaijan
Promotion period: 1 month (we continue to work further)
Budget: $920 for promotion (including agency services)

As we have already said, the client led the community for 4 years and during this time there was not a single real client. But faith in social networks did not disappear, so Carfax Education turned to SEO-Studio specialists to implement a full-fledged SMM strategy.


Start of work

After a detailed analysis of the Facebook page, we identified the strengths and weaknesses of the public. Referring to a similar experience of promoting educational centers in SEO-Studio, we wrote a community management strategy, created new headings and a new visual part. It is important that in our work we used two languages – the multilingual function (a user with a profile in Russian sees posts in Russian, a user with an English profile sees posts in English). This helped to simplify communication with subscribers and show the company’s respect for them.

Timing, rubricator of posts:
Monday, Wednesday – posts about the company / information about the courses. Such days were not chosen by chance, since it is at this time that people are able to make serious decisions. We allocate a large budget for promotion to these posts, because they are image-building and help in attracting customers. All other rubrics are auxiliary.


Tuesday, Thursday are the days of the headings “#carfaxeducation”, “#carfaxusefulness”, where we present useful information. The content is selected by the teachers of the center.


Friday and Saturday – entertainment content only. The focus of the page is quite serious, and we must respect our subscribers and not overload them with information. Therefore, we post only a variety of quotes and inspiring videos.


We are also constantly testing new categories. On Thursdays (every two weeks) “#carfaxtest” is released, where subscribers have the opportunity to test their knowledge.


Photo and video

Social networks have long reached a new level and you will not surprise anyone with ordinary pictures from photo stocks. Live content works best.


Thanks to constant interaction with the center, we receive 3 videos + 30 photos from lessons every month. On this basis, we launched a youtube channel and instagram. To attract customers, we used two types of advertising:
Page Likes (facebook). Targeting: Baku and surroundings, parents of schoolchildren and anyone interested in English and education abroad.


Promo Posts (facebook, instagram)



  • Increase in the number of subscribers by 3000, instead of the planned 300 (within the agreed budget)
  • 3 hits per month
  • 4 real clients per month of work. We continue work

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the manager of the center provides great assistance in working with user messages, since the specifics are quite difficult and subscribers must always be given an exact answer (often in Azerbaijani). It was possible to achieve an effective result thanks to the constant interaction of the SEO-Studio team and Carfax Education.