Google Ads for your business


Paid advertising on Google — allows you to show advertisements for your products or services next to search results and also on other sites of the Google advertising network (learn more about the Google Ads platform)

Advertising Types:

  • Textual
  • Visual
  • Picture + text
  • Video
  • Product offer

Where ads are displayed:

  • Google’s website with search results
  • Partner websites
  • Google services websites
    • YouTube
    • Gmail
The SEO-Studio agency is a certified Google partner.

What Google Ads Can Do for Your Business


People are used to looking for information in Google – this is where they can see the advertising of your products or services – you will get a buyer, and the buyer will find what you were looking for!

The Benefits of Google Ads

Quick start

Having set up an advertising account, you can immediately turn on advertising and receive traffic.

Quick stop

If the product or season is over, you can immediately stop the advertisement. If the pause is short, it is better not to stop advertising, but to reduce the budget to the minimum.


Of the entire range, you can advertise only what you need to sell now.


Advertising campaigns can test the demand for certain products and decide on the prospects of directions and business ideas.


Show ads with precise settings - for buyers from a specific city, users of specific devices, on the exact days of the week and time of day


For businesses with a fast sales cycle, a website can be minimal and sometimes not required at all. You can advertise not only the site, but also the Google My Business Account (a dot on the map), or indicate a call to your phone directly from the advertisement instead of a click. For a longer sales cycle and the need to submit a lot of information, the site will still need a large and high-quality one.

Critical remarks


The balance of the advertising account is over - the advertising has stopped.

The consequences of the stops

When you stop advertising, the training of algorithms that have been selecting the right audiences for your site for a long time gets lost. When you restart, the training starts over. Influences the cost of a click.


The advertising cabinet toolkit is quite complex and constantly evolving. Only a practicing specialist can set up advertising in a quality manner. Otherwise, there is a risk of wasting money without return.


The more information you give to the Google Ads advertising platform about the behavior of site visitors, the more successful cases the system will be able to send you again. Set up all the goals that buyers make - a callback, an order, feedback forms, phone calls via CallTracking - all this must be set up, otherwise the system will not know whether it brings you quality people.

Right Expectations

Advertising will bring the right people to the site. But whether your offer will interest them and whether they will make a purchase depends on the quality of the site, the price level, the quality of service by managers. Keep this in mind!

Google Ads for e-commerce


For eCommerce sites (online stores), Google has created a separate area with its advertising capabilities – “Google Shopping”. As well as a separate search for products – where you can select products of the right size, color and other characteristics.

This is a great opportunity to bring to the site a buyer who is interested in your product, its description, price, photo.

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