Targeting in social networks


Paid advertising in SMM – allows you to show advertisements for your products or services on social networks Facebook and Instagram .


Benefits of targeted advertising


Social networks know almost everything about us. Interests, social circle, habits, online shopping tendencies, about our children and relatives, as well as this information about our online friends. Use all these advantages to show ads to the most targeted users.

Quick start

Having set up an advertising account, you can immediately turn on advertising and receive traffic.

Quick stop

If the product or season is over, you can immediately stop advertising.


Of the entire range, you can advertise only what you need to sell now.


Advertising campaigns can test the demand for certain products and decide on the prospects of directions and business ideas.

Advertising object

You can advertise a Business Page on a social network or your corporate website.

Critical remarks


The balance of the advertising account is over - the advertising has stopped.


The advertising cabinet toolkit is quite complex and constantly evolving. Only a practicing specialist can set up advertising in a quality manner. Otherwise, there is a risk of wasting money without return.


A feature of advertising in social networks is to constantly update graphic banners, this is required by the platform. And you need to cook them immediately in all popular sizes.


The more information you give to the advertising platform about the behavior of site visitors, the more successful cases the system will be able to send you again. Set up all the goals that buyers make - a callback, an order, feedback forms, phone calls via CallTracking - all this must be set up, otherwise the system will not know whether it brings you quality people.

Right Expectations

Advertising will bring the right people to the site. But whether your offer will interest them and whether they will make a purchase depends on the quality of the site, the price level, the quality of service by managers. Keep this in mind!

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