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On May 4, 2006, Ahrefs , an authoritative search engine optimization service, announced its project – the search engine.

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On the official page of the project it is indicated that this is the brainchild of Dmitry Gerasimenko.
Ahrefs has been collecting information about websites and the links they exchange for years. It is in providing detailed information about links that Ahrefs’ main commercial product consists.
It is used by most Internet marketers to analyze their sites, competitors and, of course, sites from which it is possible to get backlinks to their project.
Apparently, seeing some injustice in the manipulation of link weight, which affects the ranking of sites in search giants like Google, Ahrefs management saw a niche in the information demand for really valuable information, not distorted by the influence of external links. Feature

According to the authors of the project, the new search engine will rank sites according to the intrinsic value of the content, not distorted by the influence of backlinks.
The positioning of the service focuses as much as possible on the value of the content.
Yelp will have a monetization system, perhaps similar to Google Ads , and the creators promise 90% of the income to the direct creators of valuable content.
The  SEO community has taken this news with interest, we will be watching the development of and provide our comments.