SEO audit gives an understanding of whether everything is fine with the site, whether there are problems that prevent traffic from search engines.

SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of the entire site and the identification of technical errors that violate Google’s recommendations for sites.

Without an SEO audit, you run the risk of spending significant resources on optimizing and promoting the site, but not getting results.

  1. When a new SEO-specialist starts working with the site, the audit is done as an acquaintance with the site and all its “innards”.
  2. When redesigning the site, changing hosting, redesign. There may be software errors that need to be checked and corrected.
  3. Regularly, once every few months, it is recommended to do repeated audits. The frequency depends on how often developers interfere with the work of the site.
  1. If the audit can be compared with the examination of a sick person in a clinic.

    The results, however, can be understood as recipes – indications of what needs to be corrected and in what place.

    The results of the audit look like this:

    • successfully passed tests
    • list of problems found – and terms of reference (TOR) for their elimination

Terms of reference are transferred to the site developers for implementation.

After the TK has been implemented, the implementation of an SEO audit is checked.

Then you can move on to Website optimization and its Active promotion.

Advantages of working with SEO-Studio agency

Clear goals

Understanding the achievable goals of the project, transparent work on the achievement of Kpi.

Experienced professionals

SEO-Studio has been advertising websites since 2006. Our team consists of experienced professionals only!

Diversity of niches

Over the years, we have gained experience with most online businesses. Ranging from small service sites to huge one-stop online stores.

Trusted Team

Your project is managed by the Project Manager and Technical Specialists. Work does not stop when specialists change or they go on vacation.

Work under the contract

Reliable execution of our services in the Contract. Including all KPIs and results guarantee. Cashless payment for TOV with VAT or FOP without VAT.

Our Reputation

Based on the feedback from our customers, you can judge the quality of our work! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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