Microsoft charged its search engine with artificial intelligence


Bing and Edge: Your AI Companion on the Web

Bing and Edge have been combined to bring you a seamless web experience like never before. With enhanced search, complete answers, interactive chat, creative inspiration, and updated browser features, you can now access all the information you need with just a few clicks.

Improved Search

The new Bing provides you with a refined search experience, delivering more relevant results for simple queries such as sports scores, stock prices, and weather. The new sidebar also displays comprehensive answers for more in-depth searches.

Complete Solutions

Bing scours the web for the answers you seek and summarizes them for you. No more sifting through multiple results for basic information, like recipes or DIY projects.

Innovative Chat

For complex searches, such as planning a trip or researching a product, the new Bing offers an interactive chat feature. Refine your search until you find the answer you need by asking for more details, clarity, and ideas. With links available, you can make decisions and act on them immediately.

Creative Inspiration

Sometimes, all you need is a little spark to get your creative juices flowing. The new Bing can provide that and more, helping you write an email, plan a dream vacation, prep for a job interview, or create a quiz. All sources are cited, so you can see where the information came from.

Edge Browser Upgrade

The Edge browser has received an upgrade with AI capabilities and a refreshed look. The Edge Sidebar now has two new functions: Chat and Compose. Ask for a summary of a lengthy report, and then use the chat feature to compare it to another company’s financials. Use the Compose function to create content, such as a LinkedIn post, and have Edge help you update its tone, format, and length. Edge adapts to the web page you’re on, providing a personalized experience.

Microsoft is doing its best to compete with Google, now using ChatGPT

More Relevant Information

Bing now has the ability to initiate a chat on its control panel, which will then lead to a dialogue similar to ChatGPT. It’s important to note that while the OpenAI ChatGPT bot was trained on data only covering the year 2021, Bing’s version is much more up to date and can handle queries related to more recent events (think today, not 2021).

User Intent

Search engines are still very good at handling navigational queries and those that are informational in nature, asking for basic facts. However, with more complex queries (such as “Can you recommend a five-day itinerary in Mexico?”), which make up half of today’s queries, modern search engines are struggling.

As for Bing’s new capabilities, Microsoft will show these GPT-based results in a field on the right side of the search results page. They will appear as chat bubbles, and the aim is to understand the user’s intent and provide a more personal and conversational experience.

In addition, Microsoft is not the only company using AI in search engines. Google has been using AI for years to improve its search results, and other companies like Baidu, Yandex, and DuckDuckGo are also incorporating AI into their search systems. The trend in the industry is toward more advanced AI systems that can understand the user’s intent and provide more accurate results.

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